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$0.5/gallon Discount on Gas Through Upside Refer

I have introduced Upside Apps in this post: Complete Guide for Cheaper Gas Price. Basically, it is a phone app that can give us an extra discount on gas. If you are already a user, the App just launch a promotion: if you can refer 3 friends before August 7, 2022, you can save 50 cents per gallon for the next 6 fill-ups!

It is easy to achieve and bring you huge saving! You can refer your family member and finish this task in one day! The only thing you need to remember is that, the user you refer must earn cash back on their first $10 purchase to count toward your bonuses.

For example, you can refer your spouse, and your spouse can use the app to find a gas station to fill the tank for $10. Then he would be a qualified referee.

If you have never used Upside App, you can sign up here and welcome to use my referral code: H58WB.


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