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$600 July 4th Gift in less than 30 minutes

Are you looking for some July 4th gift? Sofi is offering a big July 4th gift for refinance your student loan or take a new personal loan. The public link is here.

You will get $500 to refinance your student loan, or $ 600 to take a new personal loan.

I don’t have any student loan, so I just check my rate of personal loan (won’t affect my credit score for just checking rate). I am pre-approved for $15000, with the interest rate from 6.9% to 14.09%, depending on the length of the loan.

If just like this, I won’t post this content. The sweet thing is, you can apply for the loan and get bonus very fast, then repay all the loan on the next day. So, you can get almost $600 for free!

Spending 30 minutes for $600 for free, which equals $1200/hour salary, do you want to take it? Please let me know your idea.

Before you apply, you need read this post about Consumer Finance Account (CFA), because your loan may be identified as CFA. Please make sure you know the impact on your credit score if you cannot pay in full immediately.

Happy July 4th!

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