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A Practice of Amazon Prime Day Super Discount

Amazon Prime Day has finished this year. I hope all my readers get the items you want. I just want to show you how I make a super discount for my shopping yesterday. Then in the future, you will make your own super discount.

This is what I bought yesterday. IT shows $102 and has $10 extra discount when you check out.

Also, I mentioned there is a promotion: Huge Amazon Promotion using Credit Cards points. For me, I got the promotion that if I am using at least 1 American Express point, I can have a 40% discount(up to $40 saving) on the original price. This is a $40 Saving for me!

Meanwhile, I use my American Express card to pay for the remaining balance, as this card has the retention offer to spend $4000 to get 55000 points. This gives my spending a 14% cash back at least(I just value 1 point=1 cent actually the values could be much higher. )

This is the final price:

How do you think about this Deal?

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