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Apple Plans to Slow Hiring and Spending: Another Dump to Stock Market?

My Stock Portfolio Analysis Diary (4): 07-18-2022

This morning, the major index of the US Market was very good until this news was released by Bloomberg: Apple Plans to Slow Hiring and Spending for Some Teams Next Year.

This news caused the whole market to crash. S&P500 and NASDAQ erased almost all gains today. Why? Because the news indicated the bad future of the economy, which made the possibility of recession even bigger!

This week, big Tech companies will start their earning reports, too. We all know last season was not a good season, so these earning reports may further indicate that the economy is in a recession or on the edge of recession.

So, to better deal with the market, I choose to hold and just buy the inverse ETF I mentioned before to hedge my assets. And when the price is low enough, I will continue to buy high-dividend stocks and ETFs to increase my cash flow from the investment.

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