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Befrugal Gives You $40 For Referring A Friend

Befrugal is another shopping portal I like besides Rakuten. I can show you how much I earned from Befrugal in the past:

Currently, Befrual is offering a DEAL:

  • BeFrugal members can refer their friends to the BeFrugal portal and get a $40 bonus after their friend earns $10 or more in Cash Back.
  • The new member will earn a $10 bonus cash back after they earn $10 in regular Cash Back.

Offer Link

If you haven’t been a member, you can sign up using my link with my thanks!

How to get the bonus fast?

You can sign up through a referral link and get $10 when you earn $10 cash back. Then you can refer your spouse, and you will earn another $40, while your spouse can earn $10. So it is easy $60!

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