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Best Credit Card for Beginner?

Some readers ask me a question: I don’t want to put multiple cards inside my wallet. Is there a SINGLE best credit card that can meet my daily spending?

Before I answer this question, I think first we need to figure out: which are the most important daily spending? In my view, I think they are: Grocery, Gas, and Online shopping.

I have posted some guidelines for these 3 categories:

Use Math to Find the Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping

Complete Guide for Cheaper Gas Price

How to Save Money for Online Shopping

Now, We have a card offering 3% cash back on these 3 categories! You don’t need to carry multiple cards and think which card I should use; just swipe it!

This card is the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card.

Now, it has a $250 welcome bonus if you sign up and spend $2000 in the first 6 months. Also, you will get 15 months 0 APR for the purchase. To better understand 0 APR, you can read this post: Be Careful of 0 APR Credit Card: A Big Hurt to Your Credit Score

The earning structure is:

  • 3% on the first $6000 spending on Grocery shopping(1% after that)
  • 3% on the first $6000 spending on gas(1% after that)
  • 3% on the first $6000 spending on online shopping(1% after that)
  • 1% for everything else
  • Every month, you will receive a $7 credit if you spend $13.99 or more on an eligible subscription to The Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.
  • Every month, you will receive a $15 credit if you subscribe to the HomeChef, a Meal Solution service.

No Annual Fee.

I believe for beginners, this card covers almost everything in their daily life. And you don’t need to sign up for many cards to get decent cash back for everyday shopping. Another good thing is, if you have many restaurant spending, you can sign up for this card from here: you will get a $200 bonus instead of $250, but you will earn 10% cash back on all restaurant spending for up to $150 back in the first 6 months. All other features are the same.

Do you like this card? Please let me know in the comments.

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