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Live! Complete Guide for 2022 Amazon Prime Day

Everything you need to know to save money

Amazon Prime Day is coming! To better help my readers save maximum money, I organized some useful information here.

  1. Remember the Date! 7/12-7/13, don’t miss the date!
  2. Prepare a prime membership! You don’t need to pay for it, as Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, you can sign up here. 30 days are more than enough for you to buy everything you need during the Prime day period. Students can also sign up for a 6 months Student prime trial
  3. Start to follow the news. Many promotions actually start earlier, so you can visit the Prime Day hub frequently to follow the items that you are interested in.
  4. Get some free money to spend. Visit the Amazon Prime Day Reward page for free money. Some good deals include:

Amazon even provides a small game for you to get $10 easily.

Another Great promotion is: If you buy $50 Amazon gift card, you will get $12.5 Credit to use for free!

5. Decide which payment method you want to use. You can use an Amazon co-brand card from Chase or American Express, which will give you a 5% discount on all purchases on

Chase:$ 200 Amazon gift cards as a sign-up bonus(no spending requirements)

American Express: $125 Amazon gift card as a sign-up bonus(no spending requirement)

Or you can buy the amazon gift card at Kroger, as we mentioned in this deal: Gas Deal: Kroger 4X Fuel Points: 6/29-7/12, which will give you big relief from the high gas price.

Also, Amazon is running a promotion, which you will get up to 50% off depending on which card you are using. You can see detail in this post: Huge Amazon Promotion using Credit Cards points

Other banks also offer promotions, like American express sends an offer to some cardholders to earn 5 points per dollar spending on amazon, Citi bank offers 0 APR interest for shopping at amazon recently. You can check your credit card account to see if you receive any offers.

And don’t forget other deals, like free trials of Amazon Promotion: Free 3 months Unlimited Music Plus Audible!!!

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