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Complete Guide for Cheaper Gas Price

Get a relief from high inflation

I have posted a series to get a cheaper gas price:

Dump the Gas Price Part 1: Kroger’s Secret

Dump the Gas Price Part 2: Credit Card

Dump the Gas Price Part 3: How to achieve 40% gas discount

Dump the Gas Price Part 4: Saving Every Penny

Dump the Gas Price Part 5: Kroger Credit Card

This series are every popular, but it has a major problem, which is, that only works with Kroger gas station. So, for a wider application, I decide to include more methods for my readers.

  1. Kroger Fuel Points

All contents about this method have been listed above. As I said, it is my favorited method with biggest discount (up to $1 per gallon for 35 gallons). However, it has limited place, not good for everyone.

2. Credit cards with Gas discounts

Many credit cards offer cashback when you fuel your tank at the gas station. Sometimes you can get special offers, for example, Sam’s Club: Get 10% Back On Gas Each Saturday In June. Here, I am listing major credit cards with gas cashbacks:

  • PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card: 5%
  • Sam Club Mastercard: 5%
  • Chase Freedom:5%
  • Citi Customized Cash:5%
  • PNC Cash Rewards® Visa®:4%
  • Citi Costo Visa:4%
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express:3%
  • Citi Premier: 3%
  • Bank Of America Customized Visa: 3%

3. Wholesale Club gas station

Wholesale club, like Costco and Sam Club, they have their own gas station with discounted price. However, you need pay the membership fee. So, if you don’t shop frequently in these places, it may not be the best choice.

4. GetUpside-A nice app for discounted gas price

GetUpside is a phone app (Supporting both iOS and Android) to get cashback when you fuel your tank at any gas station! You can sign up the app here: Sign up link (If you use my refer code H58WB, you will get 15 cents/gallon extra discount for your first time use the app).

You can get discount in these gas station brand: Almost everywhere!

It is easy to use:

When you open the app, it will show price and discount of the nearby gas stations immediately. 35 cents discount is huge!

If you are using a 5% discount credit card, combined with this app, you can save around 60 cents per gallon!

I will keep update this post to help my readers get more relief from high gas price!

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