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CPI is Coming to Show the New Inflation Level

A Key Indicator for Future Stock

Tomorrow morning(6/10/2022) at 8:30 am ET, The CPI data for May will be released. Mark the Time!!! Everyone has knew that CPI means inflation level. The Fed Reserve wants to keep the CPI around 2%, however, if you look at the past 4 months’ data, they are 7.5%,7.9,8.5%, and 8.3%.

If tomorrow’s CPI data is less than 8.3%, it could be a sign that inflation is in a downtrend status. Therefore, the Fed Reserve may not aggressively increase the interest rate in the future. This will give the stock market a big relief.

However, if you look at the gas price recently, you really don’t need to expect a decreased CPI tomorrow. I believe it will be a big blood time for the market for sure after a surprised CPI data.

Let’s be prepared.

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