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Credit Card: A Big Cash Flow Generator

How to use credit card correctly to improve the income level

People always say credit card is not good as they can let you spend more. Yes, when you just need to swipe a plastic card to buy something without touch real money, it is easy to overspend. However, if you can control your spending, credit cards could give you many rewards.

First, as I discussed in Dump the Gas Price Part 2: Credit Card, every time when you use cards to shop, the card can give you cash back, or points that can be transferred to cash. This is an add-on to your daily spending. I mean, anyway, we need to buy groceries, clothes, and gas. Why not use a credit card to capture this reward? It is completely free!

Second, most credit cards will give you a welcome bonus when you open a new account. For example, the Chase Freedom Flex card is offering you $200 if you can spend $500 after the first 3 months of your account opening! This bonus is equivalent to 40% cashback!

Third, many cards give you extra benefits, for example, car rental insurance, travel discount, shop membership, extra saving offer in many stores……The more you can save from spending, the more cash flow you can hold for your life.

So, using credit cards smartly is a good way to cash flow! I will explain more to you in the future!

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