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Dell has a Super Sweet Deal

G15 Special Edition only for $999

Dell is offering a very robust Gaming laptop for only $999! The link is here.

I just ordered one. Using all my Amex Dell Credit(A benefit of the American Express Business Platinum Card, which will give me $200 to spend in Dell every 6 months, and I have 3 such cards, so totally have $600 every half year), I only need to pay $482, because Dell allows customers to use up to 3 credit cards in one Transaction.

My plan is to split the transaction this way: 200+200+682.

But wait, one of my American Express business platinum cards also offers 10% cashback on, so I will put the $682 charge on this card and get $68.2 back.

At the same time, Topcashback or Befrugal is offering 4% cashback for shopping. So I will get $40 extra back.

I also will get 1082 American Express points, which equals $11.9.

Overall, my actual cost for this powerful laptop is 482-68.2-40-11.9=$361, a very awesome Deal!

Hope you can get the deal and enjoy the savings procedures.

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