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Dump the Gas Price Part 1: Kroger’s Secret

Shop in Kroger to Decrease the Gas Price

Gas prices increased dramatically recently. I have 2 cars. Last year, I used to spend $50 on gas every time for both. Now, it is easy to surpass $100. I think everyone has the same feeling. So in the next several posts, I will tell you how to save every penny on gas spending. Today I am telling you a pretty straightforward way. You cannot imagine, that the secret is in Kroger!!

Do you have Kroger, or any of its family stores, nearby? Below is the full list of Kroger family stores in the US:

City Market
Food 4 Less
Foods Co
Fred Meyer
Jay C Food Store
King Soopers
Metro Market
Pay-Less Super Markets
Pick’n Save
Smith’s Food and Drug

If you find any one of them, Congratulations! You are close to a big saving on gas!

First, you need to sign up for membership of Kroger for free, at:

You can associate your phone number with your membership ID, which is called Alt ID. It helps you skip scan cards or remember the ID every time, instead, you just need to input your phone number.

Once you finish registration, you will be able to add coupons to your account:

Then you will find a Coupon like this:

This coupon means if you buy gift cards, for every dollar you spend on the gift cards, you will get 4 points for gas.

Let me do the math for you: Buy a $250 gift card, and you will get 1000 points. 1000 points=$1 saving for every gallon(up to 35 gallons) in Kroger gas station. My 2 cars need 30 gallons totally, so I can save $30 every time. The picture below is the gas price after a $1 discount per gallon yesterday in a Kroger at Houston: 29.6 gallons for $87.41!!

You may doubt me: putting money in the gift card is wasting money. However, Kroger offers thousands of gift card brands, including popular Amazon, Target, Happy cards, etc. I am sure you will find the brand you visit frequently in your life. For me, Amazon and Target cards are my favorites.

This coupon will show in your account every 30-45 days. So if you need to buy something in your favorite stores in the near future, you can utilize this opportunity to buy gift cards in advance. For me, it works as I am decreasing my gas spending when I go shopping at Target.

Good deal, right? Actually, you can make the discount even higher! I will explain it further in the next posts. Keep watching!

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