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Dump the Gas Price Part 2: Credit Card

Use Credit Card to Decrease the Gas Price Further

In part 1, I described a method that can save you up to 1 dollar per gallon. Do you think it is good enough? No, if you have heard of credit cards before, you will know some credit cards will offer you cashback when you are shopping. The sweet point is, that many cards are offering cashback at gas stations.

For example, here is a Chase Freedom credit card:

You will get a $200 bonus if you spend $500 in the first 3 months from account opening, and earn 5% cashback on gas spending(up to $6000 spending). If you get this card and spend all $500 on the gas, you will get 500*5% plus 200, a total of $225 saving from gas, this is on top of the $1 per gallon discount we mentioned in part 1. For me, this discount means, I can use $500 to fuel almost 160 gallons and get 225 back. The real price for the gas would be $1.72 per gallon.

Sounds Crazy?

This is the amazing part of how a credit card can help you save in your daily shopping!

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