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Dump the Gas Price Part 3: How to achieve 40% gas discount

Using Right Credit Card to shop in the Kroger

In the part 1:Dump the Gas Price Part 1: Kroger’s Secret, I discussed how to buy gift cards at Kroger to decrease gas price.In the part 2: Dump the Gas Price Part 2: Credit Card, I mentioned to use a credit card with gas cash back to double down the gas price. Today, I am telling you another card that can triple kill the gas price.

As you know, Kroger is a Grocery store. Many credit cards offer cash back for grocery shopping. If you buy gift cards in Kroger, it also counts. For example, I have a card with 6% cash back in grocery store. So, if I buy $250 Target gift cards at Kroger during the promotion, I will get 1000 fuel points to decrease gas price $1 per gallon. I will also get 250*6%=15 cash back. At the pump, let’s say I will fill 30 gallon for 2 cars. I will pay $3 per gallon after discount. Total gas spending is $90. Because I am using 5% cash back card for gas, I can save another $4.5.

Now Let’s do the math. Without any discount, 30 gallon will cost me $120. With all these tricks, I actually cost is 90-15-4.5=70.5!!More than 40% Discount!

The question is, do we really have such a card with 6% cash back in grocery store! Absolutely we have!

Here is the Link: American Express Blue Cash Preferred

Another good thing about this card is it also give your 12 months 0 APR, which can help you increase your cash flow temporarily: 0 APR Credit Card: A trick for temporary cash flow.

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