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Dump the Gas Price Part 4: Saving Every Penny

Use a Mobile Apps to Save more

Recently the gas price is increasing again. As of today, the cheapest gas at the nearby Kroger is $4.11 per gallon, almost 40 cents increase compared with 2 weeks ago!! In previous posts, I have described several skills to get cheaper gas:

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Do you think we can save more? Of course! Although it is difficult to achieve a further bigger discount after we combine all skills discussed previously, however, every penny matters, right? An extra step may save another $1 every time, still good to try. The most important thing is the strategy I am showing here, that how we can combine different methods in one transaction to maximum discounts.

Drop is a mobile app I like. Very similar to other shopping portals, you can get extra points when you click the website link through the app. The different part is that Drop is a purely mobile app, so you must download it to the phone to use. But you can register online.

Another different part is Drop as many in-store offers, and it can track your in-store transactions by linking the credit cards to your drop account. Don’t worry about the safety, as the link process is performed by a standard independent 3rd part protocol to access your credit account, Drop won’t save your information.

So, if you link one credit card and shop at Kroger, Drop will give you 5 points currently, which equals 0.5% cashback(the ratio can change anytime, sometimes you can earn much higher than 5 points per dollar). You can redeem Drop points for hundred gift cards, including Apple, Amazon, and Starbuck, you can even redeem for crypto!!

Let’s update our math now. If I link the American Express Blue Cash Preferred that gives you 6% cashback at Kroger and you buy a $250 gift card, you will earn $15 from the credit card and 1250 points from Drop, which value is $1.25. It sounds small, but as I said every penny matters! Once you linked the card, this saving is complete automatically, you don’t need extra attention.

Then you use the same credit card to pay the gas and redeem the Kroger fuel points, under today’s gas price, you will get $3.11 per gallon. A 30-gallon gas purchase will save you $30, pulse 3% cashback from 3.11*30=$2.8.

So total savings will be 15+1.25+30+2.8=49.05.

If you don’t understand the whole procedure, please review previous posts first!

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