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Dump the Gas Price Part 5: Kroger Credit Card

How to Save more than $1 per Gallon

In previous posts, I have introduced pumping the gas in the Kroger using Kroger Fuel points:

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Yesterday when I saw the gas price was $4.33 per gallon nearby, I felt that I need to give my readers more tips to dump the gas. The price is really too high!!!!

Kroger has a co-brand credit card.


This card has a decent earning structure, as you can earn up to 5% cash back if you add the card in the mobile wallet to pay.

However, for the gas dumpers, the best point for this card is an extra 55 cents discount for gas per gallon for the first year after you open the account!

To have this discount, you must redeem at least 100 fuel points at Kroger gas station. We have teached you how to do it in the Dump the Gas Price Part 1: Kroger’s Secret.

So, if you have 1000 fuel points to redeem, you can save $1.55 per gallon at least, a fantastic saving!

Besides, when you buy gift cards to accumulate the fuel points, you will get extra cashback.

In this tough time, I hope this tip can help you save more on your gas!

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