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Earn $150 to Open a Sofi Invest Account

Swagbucks is a shopping portal with many unique promotions. Now, it offers 15000 points (at least worth $150) to open a Sofi Invest account. You only need to deposit $50 into this account (no need to buy any stock, just deposit if you are not comfortable to invest).

How to get the Deal.

  1. Go to Swagbucks website
  2. In the search bar, choose “Shop”, then input “Sofi”

3. If you are new to the Swagbucks, you can sign up use my refer link, you will get 300 extras points once you earn 300 points through Swagbucks.

Also, don’t forget Sofi Checking account has up to $300 bonus now, the interest rate of this checking account is 1.5%!

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