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Earn up To $5000 with Citi Bank

Citi Bank is offering a bonus of up to $5,000 when you open and enroll in a new Citi Personal Wealth Management account. The bonus you receive depends on the funds you fund the account with within two months of account opening, the funds must remain there for three months after account opening and you must enroll in eDelivery of statements. The bonus tiers are as follows:

Fund $50,000 – $199,999 and get a $500 bonus

Fund $200,000 – $499,999 and get a $1,000 bonus

Fund $500,000 – $999,999 and get a  $2,000 bonus

Fund $1,000,000 – $1,999,999 and get a  $3,000 bonus

Fund 2,000,000+ and get a $5,000 bonus

Link is here.

Although Citi Personal Wealth Management is a brokerage account. You don’t need to buy any stock if you are not confident in the current market. You can just transfer the funds and stay there for 3 months, then get the bonus and transfer out. For example, if you transfer $50,000 and keep it for 3 months, you will get $500. The ARP would be 4%. A safe high-yield!!

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