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Easy $50 bonus with Fidelity Bloom Apps

A free financial app and debit card with automated cash rewards

Fidelity launched a new banking app geared toward young adults – but available to anyone 18 years or older – to help them build money-saving habits. As part of the launch, they are offering the following signup bonus:

  • Open a Fidelity Bloom Spend account and Save account, and get $50 once you deposit $25 or more within 7 days.
  • Readers also say you’ll get an extra $6 in offers: $1 for linking an account and $5 for checking out their cash back options.

The account can only be opened via the mobile app which is currently iOS only, Android coming soon. Once you signup the account populates in your regular Fidelity login online and you don’t need an iOS device any longer.

There are other bonuses available with Fidelity Bloom on an ongoing basis:

  • Customers receive an annual 5% match on the first $300 into their Fidelity Bloom Save account. For a limited time, new customers will receive a 10% match through the end of 2022.
  • Fidelity will automatically deposit 10 cents into the Fidelity Bloom Save account every time customers use the Fidelity Bloom debit card.

So if you deposit $300, you will get a $50 bonus plus a 10% match, which ends with $80. A small bonus but won’t waste your time. The most valuable thing is to use their debit card for small amounts of spending, such as buying a coffee or paying public transportation fees. Let’s see you spend $1 every time, you will get 10 cents, which equals 10% cash back!

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