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Easy Cash in the Everyday Shopping

Get Cash When You are Shopping

At any time point, we need to shop for food, clothes, and other life essences. Let’s say $500 per month, a pretty easy amount in this inflation time. If there is a way, that can give you 5% off for all your spending, you will get $25 per month.

$25 cash flow every month, sounds very small, but quite easy, right? It is generated automatically, you don’t need to pay anything extra to get that. A good start to get the cash.

Let me explain how to do that. Just go to, and you will find many cashback deals:

For example, if you want to buy something at Nike, you just click the Nike logo, the Rakuten will redirect you to the Nike official website. Once you finish the shopping, you will get 8% cashback!

You may say I am not interested in online shopping, does this work for me? Absolutely! It also has an in-store cash-back offer, just click You need to link a debit or credit card which you are using in the store, in the “Add a New Card”, Then the system will track your transaction and give you cashback automatically.

So it is easy to get reliable and persistent cash flow when you do your everyday shopping. Best to best, if you join Rakuten today using my link, you will get $30 after you finish just $30 shopping. A juicy start-up, right?

In the future, I will post more cashback websites to introduce how to double or even triple-dip the cashback in one transaction! Keep following me!

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