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How to Save Money for Online Shopping

Online Shopping is more and more popular nowadays. So today, I want to share some of my experiences.

Find the best shopping Portal

in this post: Easy Cash in the Everyday Shopping, I have introduced Rakuten, from which you can earn extra cashback if you click the website you want to shop. Rakuten is just one of these popular cashback websites, you can name lots of other sites, such as Topcashback and Befrugal. Even Hotels and Airline companies have their own cashback websites so that you can earn hotel points and airline miles. Here are some links:

Among hundred of cashback websites, you may ask how I can know which website offers the best ratio of cashback? The secret is CashbackMonitor! This place can show the cashback ratio from all major cashback websites at the same time! For example, if you want to shop at Macy’s, you can just input Macys, then you can see this page, and find today Topcashback is offering 20% cashback, which is the most among all websites! So, I never stick to any single cashback website and always use the site which can offer the best ratio when I want to shop!

Find the best payment methods

Bank of American customized cash reward card

Every month, you can choose online shopping as your 3% cash back category for up to $2500 spending per quarter. I think this amount is enough for a regular family’s online shopping needs.

Paypal Credit Card

Paypal is a popular online payment tool. This Paypal credit card offers unlimited 3% cash back for Paypal payments, which I believe is good for families with a larger purchases.

Amazon Credit Card

If you are a big fan of Amazon, you can apply for this card with unlimited 5% cash back on Amazon shopping!!

US bank Cash Plus Reward

If your online shopping focuses on department/closing/electrotonic/furniture/sports goods stores, you can always choose 2 of them as your 5% cash back categories for up to $2000 spending per quarter.

Digital Wallet

If the website you are shopping supports Digital Wallet such as Apple Pay, here is a post for you: Best Credit Cards for Apple and Apple Pay

Gift cards for super discounts

Many online stores accept their own gift cards. You can buy gift cards with big discount from 2 place:

  1. Grocery stores. You can use a credit card that offers high cash back in Grocery shopping to buy gift cards. For example, if you have a 6% cash back card, you buy a $100 gift card means you actually just pay $94. you can see this post for more information.
  2. Gift cards store. For example, you can go to Raise to find out if there is a gift card you want. Raise offers thousands of gift card brands with huge discounts.

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