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Huge Amazon Promotion using Credit Cards points

You can save up to 50%

Amazon has many promotions with different credit cards. I can see these promotions will appear almost every 1-2 months. So please follow me if you want to know the information ASAP when they are alive. Before prime day, this Amazon promotion is live again.

  • Get Up To 50% Discount When Using 1 American Express Membership Rewards Point (Max $60 Discount): Direct Link. For me, I got the offer of 40% off, up to a $40 Discount.
  • Use One Chase Ultimate Rewards Points & Get 50% Off (Max $15 Discount): Direct Link
  • Get Up To $30 off Amazon when Using 1 Discover Point: Direct Link
  • Make Discover Your Default Payment Method Get $20 Off $20.01 with promo code 22DISCOVER20

To get these offers, you need to enroll your credit card first. If you don’t have your card on your amazon’s profile, you will see this page. You just need to click the “Enroll now”.

On the new page, click “get started”, then follow the instruction to add eligible cards.

Also in this page, you will find all eligible cards that can be linked to join in this promotion. For example, I am adding a chase card, I will find all eligible chase cards on this page:

Once you enroll your card, you can participate in this promotion any time when it is alive. As I said at the beginning, you will have many opportunities every year. This is a huge saving for Amazon shopping! I have added it to my 2022 Prime Day Complete Guide.

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