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My Stock Portfolio Analysis Diary (2): 6-18-2022

Recent Adjustments to My Holding

The Week of 6/17 is for sure in the History, since the Fed Reserve increased the interest rate by 0.75%, which is the biggest movement since 1994. This decision further pushed the stock market down. Now, even the SP500 is in the bear market now. However, the Fed Reserve is presenting its determination to defeat inflation, which I believe will cause some change of the market.

The most important thing, the high rate will depress some demanding, and also increase the risk of recession. Therefore, the high gas price, and other large commodities, may start to decline. To reflect this trend, I sold all my GSG and XLE holding with small profits.

Next week, I may start to buy some inverse oil ETF to short energy, also I may invest some money into QYLD to get some stable dividends.

Let’s see if the market will give some dump to the gas. BTW, recent gas price is really crazy!!!

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