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My Stock Portfolio Analysis Diary (3): 07-05-2022

The recent adjustment of my holdings

It has been a while since I post my last diary: My Stock Portfolio Analysis Diary (2): 6-18-2022. During this period, I didn’t change too much. These are what I did:

  1. Start to buy Inverse crude Oil ETF to short the oil. My Average price is around $22.
  2. Put more money in Dividend stocks and ETFs, I keep investing in QYLD, JEPI, O, and SPG. As the stock price is going down, actually we can lock a high yield. For example, QYLD, which is tracking the Nasdaq index, always gives 1% of its value as a dividend every month. Now its price is almost at the bottom of history, staying at around $17.55. If you buy now, you can get $0.17 per month. Once the market bounces back, like last year, the price can reach above $21, then your dividend could be $0.21 per month. so the yield would be 0.21X12/17.5=14.4%!! I am very confident about the market in the longer time frame, so I am happy that the price is down now, which means I can buy more at a lower price for a higher yield in the future.
  3. I am also buying some high-yield limited partner stocks, like EPD(around 8% dividend) and IEP(Around 16% dividend). It will issue K-1 tax form, so be careful to report properly.
  4. Adding a small part of the inverse ETF of Nasdaq, SQQQ, to hedge my funds. So during the temporary down of the market, I can earn some money to decrease my loss.

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