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My Stock Portfolio Analysis Diary(1): 06-09-2022

Recent Adjustments to My Holding

I have mentioned in Top 10 ETFs and Stocks I am Holding: Diversify that I have made some mistakes since last year: Holding too many Tech stocks, which cause the huge asset decrease YTD. Recently, I believe everyone is feeling the gas price is skyrocketing, and it is very highly possible that the inflation is getting worse. Therefore, the stock market is under higher pressure. It is no hope for the growth stock to gain value in the near future.

To avoid further loss and increase the return, I am following the strategy of the famous investment company: Bridgewater. The company has a BALANCED BETA INVESTING strategy. In detail, it will invest all areas and globally to avoid loss from one field. To be more clear, we can not put all eggs in one basket.

I am increasing my holding in these areas: Utility, Consumer Defensive, Energy, Basic Materials, and Real Estate. These sections will more stable during the inflation, and no matter what happens, people still need to spend their money in these areas.

Below is my current portfolio diversity:

Although it still looks unbalanced: the Technology is weighing too high, it is better than 1 month ago. If you look at the performance after the adjustment, actually I am beating the SP500(+11.62% vs. 5.5%):

I will adjust more funds into healthcare, Real estate, energy, and basic material area. Another good thing is that these areas also offer high dividends. I will keep my readers posted about my portfolio changes.

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