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PayPal Honey: An Automatic Cashback Generator

In the post: How to Save Money for Online Shopping, I mentioned the website cashbackmonitor to find the best cashback ratio across all cashback websites list. I just found Honey, a cashback site from PayPal, is not on the list. So, I want to write an introduction to let my readers remember to use it, because it has some unique features.

Direct Link

You can add its extension to Chrome or Edge to track the discount and cashback automatically.

I like Honey for 2 reasons.

First, it will give extra cashback for specific products. Just scroll down the page and find the segment “Bonus Cash Back on Most-Wanted Products”.

Let’s use the “Nike Dunk Low” Shoe as an example. It is being sold at Foot Locker, which has 3% cash back generally, but for this specific shoe, you can earn 10% cash back (11/110)!

Second, it has a price tracking function called “Droplist”.

It can automatically track items you’re interested in and get notified once it detects a lower price. It can save your Amazon saved for later items and frequently viewed item. As a deep Amazon shopping Fan, Honey can track my frequent viewed items automatically and show me a lower price:

You can add any items you to the Droplist. The easiest method is to use the extension, which will pop up to the webpage and you just need to click:

Overall, Honey is a cashback website with unique features. I hope you can enjoy using it.

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