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Rakuten is offering 10% Cashback

Alert: A Huge Cashback for Online Shopping

I have introduced the Rakuten cashback here: Easy Cash in the Everyday Shopping.

Today(08-01-2022), Rakuten offers 10% cashback for more than 170 stores! The offer will end tonight! You can check the full list of these stores: Rakuten: Shop it like It is Hot.

You can even go to many stores in person to earn 10% cash back! The list is here.

At the same time, the referred bonus is $40 if you use my link to sign up and spend $30. So, if you need to buy something today, it is a good chance to lock $30 cash plus 10% cashback !!

Sign up Link

A simple match, today you spend $30 you will get $33back, a completely positive cash flow!!

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