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Swagbucks: How to Earn Points for Free through Signing-up

I introduced Swagbucks recently, a unique shopping portal with many features you cannot find in other places. I mentioned its gameplay earning function, today I will let you know how to start to earn fast.

I mentioned that if you use my referral link to sign up, you can earn $10(1000 SB points) as a welcome bonus if you spend $25 shopping through Swagbucks. You just need to click “Shop” on the front page and choose the store you want to buy things from, just like other shopping portals.

Also, if you haven’t decided which to buy now, you can accumulate 300 SB points without purchase, which will qualify you for another referral bonus: 300 extra points!

Go to the Frontpage, click “Discover”-“Sign ups “, you will find a page where you can earn points just by signing up for some members. I recommend you sign up for Credit Karma, a free credit monitor website providing daily credit score tracking and alert. I have used it for more than ten years! This website is a must-have if you want to maintain a good credit score! Then you can sign up for TikTok, a popular social network app. These two sign-ups will give you 320 SB points, so you can have extra 300 points!

This is another interesting points-earning method in Swagbucks. Therefore, if you want to sign up any new members, remember to go here to check available bonuses!

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