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Swagbucks: You Can Earn Money even Playing Games

I mentioned Swagbucks in my post: Earn $150 to Open a Sofi Invest Account. It is a shopping portal, so basically, you can earn extra cash point when you shop through its links, just like Rakuten, or Topcashback, or other online shopping portals. I concluded some online shop tips here: How to Save Money for Online Shopping.

However, Swagbucks is not only a shopping portal. It offers points for many other activities, including answer surveys, upload receipts, or play games.

Don’t believe it? Let’s see some examples.

When you go to the Swagbucks, in the frontpage, click “Discover”-“Games”: you will find many games with rewards:

Let’s click one of them. For this game, you need to reach level 18 within 21 days, then you can get 10000 points (SB)

When you want to redeem, 1 SB=1 cent. Every month, you have a chance to redeem your points with a big discount. For example, yesterday I redeemed an $25 Mastercard gift card, just used 2175 SB (normally it cost 2500 SB). Therefore, 10000 SB at least worth $100!

If you are a game player, don’t miss these offers!

I will discuss other unique features of Swagbucks in the future!

If you haven’t sign up, you can register an account use my link: you will get extra 300 SB after you earn 300 SB. If you don’t know how to start to earn 300 SB, I will show you in the next post.

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