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Upside App: A Big Relife from Gas Price Inflation

I talked Upside app in this post: Complete Guide for Cheaper Gas Price. Since I never introduce it specifically, today I decide to write a post to make it to be more easily found in my website.

Upside is a phone app (Supporting both iOS and Android) to get cashback when you fuel your tank at gas station, you can also get cashback in the restaurants and grocery stores! You can sign up the app here: Sign up link (If you use my refer code H58WB, you will get 15 cents/gallon extra discount for your first time use the app).

Gas Saving

Below are the gas stations that participating in this program, you can see almost all major brands are insider, and the network is expanding!

This is an example of the gas station offers nearby: there are 14 gas station offer nearby and you can see the discount is huge, even reach 50 cents per gallon!

Once you claim the offer, you have 4 hours to finish it and the instruction will be very clear on your phone:

Done Deal. Is it simple ?


Below are some brands of participating restaurants:

And you just need to claim the offer and upload your receipt after you check out.

The cashback for restaurants is very attracting, such as 24% ration on Burger King today!

Grocery Stores

Below are major brands in their grocery stores: although there is no big name inside, you may still find some stores nearby that you can visit in case you want something urgently.

Similarly, you need claim the offer and upload the receipt after you finish the shopping.

In summary, Upside app is a very good saving for gas, and you may also find some good restaurants to save, but grocery network needs some improvement to include more brands! (For me, there is no grocery store offer available nearby!)

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