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Where is the Inflation?

Today the latest CPI data is released, here I just post the figure to show the range of the inflation and where they are. It is a straightforward way to let us know why everything is expensive.

Look at the gas price, that’s why the energy stocks are up more than 50% this year. That’s also the reason I have wrote many articles regarding how to save for gas, if you want to get the cheaper gas, please read:

Dump the Gas Price Part 1: Kroger’s Secret

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Dump the Gas Price Part 3: How to achieve 40% gas discount

Dump the Gas Price Part 4: Saving Every Penny

Dump the Gas Price Part 5: Kroger Credit Card

Do you think inflation is at its peak? Please comment.

For me, I keep buying Energy stocks, especially the SP500 Energy sector ETF(XLE). I believe it still has 25% uptrend range, and the ETF also could give me a 3% dividend annually.

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